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Oceanography for game fishing

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New Zealand SST maps

What do you get?

SST maps every 3 hours.

Daily cloud-free SST with easy to read temperature breaks.

Daily high resolution chlorophyll maps

Daily gap-filled chlorophyll maps.

Daily ocean currents and sea surface height.

Depth contours.

Daily maps of prefered temperatures for big game fish.

Maps are updated before dawn every day.

Customised bathymetry with geolocation is available.

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Our Capabilities

Fisheries Oceanography expertise

We bring 35 years of experience in fisheries oceanography to this problem. Sam McClatchie has a PhD in oceanography from Dalhousie University in Canada, and has worked in fisheries oceanography in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and California. You can learn more about his background on this website

Programming and visualization expertise

We use big data and Open Source software to develop automated workflows in Python and R to get the satellite data into maps that you can readily understand and use.

We make the technology affordable for you

We make the purchasing process easy. You can use a credit card or a bank transfer to make a purchase.

We cover New Zealand, California and Baja California.

Our maps focus on the regions that we know best from years of experience working in these areas.

Sam McClatchie: Fisheries oceanographer & owner


Elena Turin: Finance & administration